Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Strategic direction at Earth Insight is informed by a range of insightful and commitment civil society and organizational leaders from around the world including:

  • Alicia Guzman

    Alicia Guzman

    Co-Director Amazonia for Life Initiative - Amazon Program, Close
  • Carmen Josse

    Carmen Josse

    Executive Director Ecosciencia, RAISG - Amazonian Georeferenced Socio-Environmental Information Network Close
  • Domingo Peas

    Domingo Peas

    Amazon Sacred Headwaters Alliance, Board President, Achuar Leader and Amazonian Coordinator for the Sacred Headwater Alliance Close
  • Cyril Kormos

    Cyril Kormos

    Executive Director, Primary Forest Alliance Close
  • Harrison Nnoko

    Harrison Nnoko

    Executive Director, AJESH Close
  • Ryan Brightwell

    Ryan Brightwell

    Director Research & Communications, BankTrack Close
  • Joe Eisen

    Joe Eisen

    Executive Director and Ana Osuna Orozco, Program Director, Rainforest Foundation UK Close
  • Liz Gallagher

    Liz Gallagher

    Strategic Communication Director, Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC) Close
  • Michael Northop

    Michael Northop

    Program Director, Sustainable Development Rockefeller Brothers Fund Close
  • Timer Manurung

    Timer Manurung

    Senior Director, Auriga Close