Our Approach

Our Approach


Earth Insight’s mission is to build tools and momentum for restricting fossil fuel, mining, and other industrial expansion threats to key ecosystems and Indigenous and local communities.

Our research, communications, and engagement work is central to supporting policy interventions that key political and financial actors can make to protect critical ecosystems as a vital step towards addressing both the biodiversity and climate crises.

Our efforts are uniquely placed at the interface between science, policy, media, and advocacy and are designed to advance the protection of critical ecosystems and climate stability and bolster Indigenous calls for expanded rights and territories. Our work is also designed to create urgency and clarity in service of international efforts to accelerate policy interventions in support of the nature and climate agenda.

Our work is:

  • supporting Indigenous and regional organizations working to protect vulnerable lands and waters
  • informing government ministries, policy-makers, and key global stakeholders concerned with halting the unceasing expansion of extractivism in the world’s most culturally and ecologically diverse ecosystem
  • Building capacity and momentum for protecting key ecosystems and advancing Indigenous rights
  • Securing sustained issue visibility that is amplifying the voices and calls for action of key movement leaders .