Engagement & Partnerships

Engagement & Partnerships

At Earth Insight, our Engagement and Partnerships team serves as the focal point for collaborative efforts aimed at fostering impactful change. At the heart of our mission are three pillars:

  • Policy Change Interventions: We actively engage and form partnerships with a diverse array of stakeholders, spanning international organizations, governments, financial institutions, academia, and global networks. Through these strategic collaborations, we aim to support policy changes crucial for safeguarding bio-cultural ecosystems and ensuring the stability of our climate.

  • Advocacy Efforts: Our team specializes in highly strategic "rapid response" interventions, lending support to local and regional campaigns aimed at protecting and preserving our planet's most vulnerable ecosystems.

  • Outreach and Education: We are committed to reaching out to an ever-expanding audience, raising awareness about the urgent environmental and social threats facing our world's critical ecosystems and climate stability. Through educational programs and outreach initiatives, we aim to support an enabling environment for change.

Our global engagement spans across more than 20 UN permanent missions, strategic collaborations with key institutions with a wide range of government agencies and ministries, and active involvement in various UN and policy-focused initiatives. From presenting groundbreaking research at international congresses to leading workshops and contributing to educational programs, our comprehensive approach ensures that our efforts resonate and drive tangible outcomes.

But our commitment goes beyond engagement; it's about fostering meaningful connections and partnerships. We prioritize collaborating with Indigenous, community, and regional organizations, grounding our research in the lived experiences of those on the frontlines. In fact, nearly 40% of our budget is allocated to directly support capacity-building initiatives for regional organizations  to support their important work in addressing these challenges.

Partnering with and serving the needs of Indigenous organizations isn't just a priority—it's fundamental to our mission. As we continue to evolve, this commitment remains at the core of our work, driving us forward towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Together, let's shape tomorrow, today.